Dr. Anthony Hammond, MD, FRCP

Dr. Anthony Hammond MD, FRCP, is a rheumatologist and specialist in interventional pain management, as well as an international expert and consultant. Dr. Hammond’s research and education activities, along with his vast clinical experience, make him a great contributor to the EuroPainClinics® medical team. His expertise aids in the development of interventional pain management procedures using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques. Dr. Hammond is Chairman of the Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS Hospital) in Kent, UK. He also works as a consultant and rheumatologist at the Horder Centre of Arthitis, Crowborough, UK.


Dr. Anthony Hammond graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Edinburgh. He subsequently worked at Frenchay Hospital and Ham Green Hospital in Bristol, The Royal United Hospital and the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, and at Whipps Cross Hospital in London. In 1991 he defended his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh with the thesis "Abnormalities of Immune Complex Processing in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.” This was preceded by a three-year research period supported by ARC Junior Research Fellowship at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital in London.

In 1992 Dr. Hammond achieved his specialization in the field of general medicine and rheumatology at Bart's Hospital in London. In the same year he was appointed consultant at Maidstone Hospital, a position he held until 2011. In the preceding year Dr. Hammond was made a senior consultant and appointed head of the rheumatology department, while continuing his education and research activities. In 2011 he became a founding member of the Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS) independent health facility, where he currently is the Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Hammond is involved in the research of biological immune therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis inflammation. Moreover, for the past ten years his interest has included interventional pain management.

In this area, he mainly specializes in diagnostic and advanced minimally invasive endoscopic techniques for pain management, with a focus mainly on back pain including sciatica and intervertebral disc prolapse. These include outpatient percutaneous and endoscopic decompression and endoscopic discectomy. Dr. Hammond has experience treating whiplash syndrome, brachialgia, complex spinal cord syndrome, treatment of joints and soft tissues, and other issues.


The international reputation of Dr. Hammond is exemplified by his active membership in a number of major institutions, associations and organisations. He is a member of the Spinal Intervention Society (SIS) for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as the tutor of the SIS technical courses. He is also a tutor in the training courses for interventional techniques for the London Pain Forum, Birmingham Pain Course, Aberdeen University Pain Course and others. He is the founding member of the London Pain Forum and a member of The Royal Society of Medicine. In 1996, he was elected for the prestigious position of Fellow of the Royal College (FRCP) by the royal medical college. Dr. Hammond is also a member of The British Medical Association, The British Society for Rheumatology, The Royal Society of Medicine, the Independent Doctors Federations and others.


In the course of his career, Dr. Hammond has been devoted to his publishing activities. He is the author and co-author of numerous articles, studies, reports and other publications for British and international journals, with the focus being mainly on the treatment of rheumatological conditions and effective surgical techniques of the spine.

Research activities in the field of rheumatology and interventional pain management have been an integral part of Dr. Hammond’s professional life since his studies. Outside his own research, he is also a part of a number of scientific institutions and committees. He is the co-chair of the British Pain Society Interventional Pain Management Specialist Interest Group. Since 2008, he has been the head of research and a member of the Alloksys Life Science organization's scientific council, which investigates the possible use of alkaline phosphates in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. He actively participates in clinical studies concerning biological therapy for rheumatic diseases, comprising TNF inhibitors, anti-T Cell Therapy, Anti-B Cell Therapy and most recently, DMARD injection treatment of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Hammond is regularly invited as a guest speaker to participate at congresses and symposia both nationally and internationally. As a professional instructor, he is the supervisor of a series of educational programs. He also applies his management experience in senior management, currently in the role as chairman of the KIMS Hospital. In the recent years, he has been the committee member and a member of the research group of the British Pain Society Interventional Pain Management Special Interest Group. Moreover, he was the chairman in the Kent and Medway Rheumatology Steering Group, where he set a strategy for rheumatologic practice in Kent and Medway, following the biological treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


Dr. Anthony Hammond lives with his family in England. When time allows, he focuses on his hobbies such as tennis, skiing and motorsport.